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[02 Sep 2009|12:28am]
[ mood | grateful ]

hallo, new additions


sneakaz, shoez n shit.Collapse )

my f-list is awash with voice posts - they are so fun! request things for me to talk about? i will do the voice meme tomorrow because my hours this week are incredible - 9-2.30pm, tues and weds. that's it. THAT IS IT. hallo, free week of freeeeeeeeedom.

ps guess who decided to go plat blonde? my fannybucket of a sister, ninjasu :( bitch always copies my hair (pictorial evidence at a later date) but i am too nice not to help her. i guess my plat blondeness will have to wait til she's over it. i am NOT having the same hair as that wench.

pps revenge is sweet. cackling evilly forever. bitch has to wear a hat whenever we go out now, MUAHAHA.

ppps god, i hate when lastfm doesn't scrobble. SCROBBLE, BITCH, SCROBBLE.

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