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hallo, new additions


uh. some of the kicks i bought in august. only posting the unworn ones.

globe superfly x 3

1. i love these so much. you can't really tell but they're turquoise and silver. my favourite of the s'flys.
2. limegreen snakeskin and patent leather - need i say more?
3. iffy about these. but i liked the colourway. so i bought them.

osiris x 2

1. the amazing box the osiris spring '09 collection comes in. ali said that whenever i wear my osiris' i should carry the box on my shoulder. AHAHAHAHA.
2. bronx, odyssey. patent leather. lime green, purple and GLITTER. fell in love with these when i first saw them, so-so about them now.
2. bronx slim, lase. yes. these are the ones i was lusting over. i went and got them. and you know what the best thing was? THEY WERE FUCKING FREE. yes. FREE. because we won the competition at work! god, they are so ugly, i love them. cris calls them my "space boots" - i call them my "idgas how tacky i look, these are the bomb diggety" boots.

note: i was too lazy to re-lace the odysseys after experimenting with lacing. i wouldn't actually wear them out like that...i don't think...hahahaha. goddamn ian.

converse x 3

1. double-up hi. truthfully not a fan of double-up converse but the colourway is awesome, i am going through an intense purple line phase right now.
2. padded collar hi. all leather, satin collar. white, black and purple. i am in such love with these, i cannot even begin to explain. i am a whore for white sneakers.
3. same as above. black and red. can i just say that the padded converse is probably my favourite sneaker in the whole world? the insole they come with is amazing - thick but flexible and durable - the padded collar is sexy/offers a lot of ankle support and the shoe itself is so comfortable, you can wear them for just about anything just about anywhere. and they look buff! (don't even get me started on the thick, oversized tongue...)

adidas x 3 , rocketdog x 1

1. p-sole mids. in black and white. bought "for work", ofcourse...yeah, right.
2. high post. so you know how i love white sneakers but don't wear nike? well. i've been looking for a nice pair of af1-esque kicks but nothing came close to the chunky/'80s style i wanted. then i found these. adidas originals respect m.e collection, designed by...missy elliot. i hate her. but i love these. and they were on sale, score.
3. no idea what they're called - ngl, i only bought these because they reminded me of big bang. AND WHAT.


bought ninjasu these:

because i would so wear them if i wore nike. also bought my mum some adidas vespas but she's hidden them away somewhere so no photos.

got myself some new oxfords:

(i pretty much live in oxfords when i'm not in sneakers...or heels...or boots...)

been bumming around in these:

because they are so soft and fluffly and feel like pillows on my feet! oh, and also because they remind me of onew.

and ninjasu bought me these, because i'd been whining about needing a nice pair of black heels for going out/clubbing

ER. not black? but they look nice with jeans and dresses so whatevz.


i finally found an all gold string bikini/bra! the cups are a little too small for my mammoth boobs of death but. who gives a shit, IT'S A GOLD BRA. i know y'all want to see me in all my shimmery glory but such imagery is too titillating for livejournal, i'm afraid.

i wanted to post some newly acquired clothing/accesories but HOLY HELL. way to eat up my entire post, shoesies.

ali keeps texting me asking when we're going shopping (we go crazy shopping every month, right after payday) BUT. i think i will be good for september and refrain. my paycheck this month was...amazing. and i don't really want to touch it, unless absolutely necessary. splurging on clothing and more shoes, while EXUBERATING AND MARVELLOUS, is not...necessary right now. god, what is happening to me.

saying that, i have been treating my family to dinner and new kicks/threads since i got paid. i'm one of those weirdos that enjoys spending money on other people. it's become a sickness - i should never be in a good mood, ever, because more often than not, i end up broke as hale.

end of superficial self-indulgence.

my f-list is awash with voice posts - they are so fun! request things for me to talk about? i will do the voice meme tomorrow because my hours this week are incredible - 9-2.30pm, tues and weds. that's it. THAT IS IT. hallo, free week of freeeeeeeeedom.

ps guess who decided to go plat blonde? my fannybucket of a sister, ninjasu :( bitch always copies my hair (pictorial evidence at a later date) but i am too nice not to help her. i guess my plat blondeness will have to wait til she's over it. i am NOT having the same hair as that wench.

pps revenge is sweet. cackling evilly forever. bitch has to wear a hat whenever we go out now, MUAHAHA.

ppps god, i hate when lastfm doesn't scrobble. SCROBBLE, BITCH, SCROBBLE.

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i know y'all want to see me in all my shimmery glory but such imagery is too titillating for livejournal, i'm afraid

Though, ngl, those are some pretty awesome kicks gurl O____O! Especially those pink and black converse, unfff, I want them DD;

And I share your sentiments about spending money on other people, idk, it makes me feel better about myself even though my friends hate when I buy them stuff, but i'm all 'STFU AND APPRECIATE >:O'

i am such a sucker for sneakers, it is ridiculous. i think i am reaching 60 or so pairs. wtf. i have two feet!

i am exactly the same, gurl! and i hate when friends i consider my siblings insist on paying me back. wtf is that about! though i do always ask my actual sister to pay me back. just. because she's my sister, haha.

and dfsjgldkjfh shit,man, I do feel sorry am jealous of that collection ;_;

and LOL yes! I'll pay for my friends, but family who should pay you back XD
Omfg shoe fetish ftw what hi ilu moar than ever in this moment and want to genk them ALL. Especially the Converse. Il Converse. Though sadly I only currently retain a pair of bunny converse BUT THEY REMIND ME OF YOOCHUN EVEN THOUGH.. I GOT THEM BEFORE I GOT INTO DBSK. D:

are you sweet talking me so i will let you hangenk my shoes? if so, i've got a little secret for you. i bought them...for you. well. for us. and our sexy rpgs. i thought maybe instead of being fully clothed and bare-foot we could be...bare and...fully foot-ed. oh, yes, unlace those sweet converse...with your teeth.

wait. BUNNY CONVERSE????????

what DOESN'T remind you of yoochun, bb. seriously now. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. because he is life.

oh, you meant mine? BAHA.

request me something to talk about, you beautiful demon. your brain is fascinating and full of moist little trinkets.
so many sneakers. you must be ~ballin!
the converses are my favourite, esp the second ones. and the oxfords of course.

i don't wear sneakers except for a pair of keds but in middle school i was pretty gangsta and rocked jordans+nike dunks all day urr day.

i can't wait for your voice post because it's bound to be hilarious/osm/etc.

i wanted to post some newly acquired clothing/accesories
sometimes it makes me sick how i can afford to waste my money like this.

dunk his are sexy! i stopped wearing sneakers (excluding converse) during most of my teenage years, i only wore heels, shoes and boots that matched with my various phases. now i'm in my twenties and idgaf about scenes, hurrah.

i admire your confidence in me but gurl, it's gonna be so cringingly unhilarious and unosm :c plus, i have a man voice. did you want me to speak about anything in particular??


my flist probably hates me haha.
Holy crap SHOE!GASM O_O I fucking love all of your pretty pretty kicks especially the oxfords, which I've been wanting to get but never had the guts to do so due to the lack of clothes that would match such footwear but GUH. *O*
thank you!

i am under the firm belief that oxfords can be worn with *ANYTHING. they can be dressed up or down - wear 'em with a skirt, jeans, leggings, bare legs, you can make them work. i have faith in you! so go buy some :D

*well. almost anything


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7 years ago

Fuck off do you own that many pair of sneaks!

Jesus wept gurl, i am jealous. & the new look oxfords are rather grand, i saw them while i was out spending my paycheck on friday! wooot.

sinead, do you know the saddest thing of all? those are just the sneakers i bought last month. meaning. there are more.. i don't have the camera memory or floor space to photograph them all, lol :(

WHAT DID YOU BUY. isn't new look fabulous? i swear 90% of my clothes are from there...and you know why? (sorry, just trying to make you more jealous here) b-boy-ff, ali, works there and...nominated me as the person he gives his 50% discount to. i shit you not, it feels like i'm shopping at primark half the time! i love him.


September 2 2009, 02:35:18 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  September 2 2009, 02:37:13 UTC

Tell your sister that I hate her. D:<

I hear you, I am always broke because I just wanna go out and spend money on people. I take people to the movies, I pay for meals, I pay for concert tickets, I put gas in people's cars. It's the only way I know how to say, "Thank you for spending time with my dumb ass. Please continue to be my friend."

For your voice post, you should talk about your dream life. I want to hear all your aspirations and hopes and fantasies. The kind of life that people make movies about. And yes, I'm being serious. Spill it.
shall i throw cheese at her face while i tell her? that always intensifies the words.

oh, shut up, you are like one of the coolest people on and off the internet, you don't need to pay people for spending time with you. but, you know, if you want to paypal me $1000 or so, that's fine.

oh, shit. things be getting deeeeeeeeep. fantasies as in...sexual? (lol @ me trying to lower the tone.)

ps have i told you lately how much i love your 'this is artaaaa' icon? cracks my shit up every single fucken time.
Yes, all your sickest sexual fantasies. The kind of life people make porno movies about. XD


*prays that youtube will work this time*


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7 years ago

ksagdsa so in love with the color combination of those purple and white converse D: and lol at the bigbang shoes. i totally agree. very rainbow-y!
as soon as i saw them i was like HOLY HELL, DO VERY MUCH WANT. purple and white look soooooooo nice together, more sneakers need that colourway.

honestly, half of my clothing/footwear purchases are made just by answering this simple question, "would big bang g-dragon wear this?" :P
and and voice post. i forgot. uhhhh talk about top. :DD (and 2 more boys of your choice mhmmm)
TOP. YES YES YES. uhhhhhm, are these 2 other boys supposed to be part of kpop or rl/other fandoms?

i say that like i'm not just gonna go with the flow and ramble about any ole shit haha.
hmmm up to you :D you know, you could ramble about how many boys you want hahaha. and include kpop biases for fun :D
you make me wish I actually could pull off neon colors and/or big chunky shoes :[ and I really like the way that one pair of shoes is laced, actually, it looks cool. lol gold bra. lolol titillating.

WAIT. WHY CAN'T YOU?? you are 17, at the start of your FASHUN PRIME. i demand you wear neon colours. i'm an ole coot and i wear neon colours. so. you wear them, too!

i totally purposely used titillating. high five and snickers.



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7 years ago

You could open a shoe store someday. XD


September 3 2009, 08:08:48 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  September 3 2009, 08:10:37 UTC

now that's a plan!

i would love to have my own line of sneakers someday ;_;